“Besides this word art, from among the number of other definite words used in their discussions by the learned beings there in Babylon who were members of the club of the Adherents-of-Legominism there also passed automatically from generation to generation quite a number of other words and even several what are called ‘foggy notions’ concerning certain definite understandings of that time.

“Among the latter, both in respect of its name and caricature-like imitations, are their contemporary theaters now existing there.

“You remember, I have already told you that both the hall and the demonstrations themselves of the learned be- ings belonging to the group of mysterists then at Babylon were designated by the word ‘theater.’

“If I now explain to you a little more in detail concerning this contemporary theater of theirs, then perhaps you will have enough material for the elucidation, first of all, concerning what came of all the good intentions and ef- forts of the learned beings of the Babylonian period; and secondly, what had passed from all that had already been attained in respect of true knowledge, from the times of that ‘Babylonian culture’ to the beings of this contemporary ‘European culture,’ in which the said art has become mainly covered with the mentioned fairylike exterior; and thirdly, you will sense certain aspects of the maleficence of that contemporary famous art of theirs.

“A certain amount of information concerning the activity of the group of the mysterists, the learned members of the club of the Adherents-of-Legominism, also reached, as I have just told you, the beings of the contemporary epoch, who, wishing to imitate them also in this, began building for this purpose special halls which they also called ‘theaters.’

“The three-brained beings of the contemporary civilization quite frequently assemble in considerable numbers in these theaters of theirs in order to observe and presumably to study the various prepared manifestations of their ‘actors,’ as they have quite recently begun to call them, just as the other learned members of the club of the Adherents-of-Legominism studied then in Babylon the reproductions of the learned beings of the group of the mysterists.