Ibn Arabi (an artist’s impression)

The Ocean of Love

The Ocean of Love is vast and deep,
It has no shore, no bottom, no end.
The waves of love crash against the shore of the heart,
And the soul is swept away in a torrent of passion.

The Ocean of Love is filled with creatures of light,
They are the angels of love, the messengers of the divine.
They come to the soul and whisper of the Beloved,
And the soul is filled with longing and desire.

The Ocean of Love is the source of all creation,
It is the fire that gives birth to the stars,
It is the wind that blows through the trees,
It is the rain that falls on the earth.

The Ocean of Love is the home of the soul,
It is the place where the soul finds peace and happiness.
When the soul is immersed in the Ocean of Love,
It is one with the Beloved, and it knows true bliss.

From The Bezels of Wisdom by Ibn Arabi