Sacred Dances – The Gurdjieff Movements

Nella Liska’s Sacred Dances: The Gurdjieff Movements is a comprehensive guide to the sacred dances that comprise the life work of George Gurdjieff as a “teacher of dancing.”

The book is a valuable resource for both Movement teachers, Movements pupils, and indeed, anyone interested in exploring the Movements from any perspective.

The book delves into every aspect of the Movements, with chapters that cover Creation and Execution, A Three Centered Approach, Clothing, Positions and Exactness, Tempo and Rhythm, Balance, the spine and the brain, Sensation, Breathing and words, vibration and sound, Inner Work and Energy, Gradations, Planning, and more.

The book provides a deep understanding of the practice and purpose of the Movements It explores their relationship with objective art and their direct connection to the cosmology of the Gurdjieff Work. Nella also discusses the role of children’s movements in the Gurdjieff tradition, as well as the current state of the Movements and their practice today.

Drawing on her decades of experience as a Movements teacher, Nella Liska provides insights and guidance based on her own practice and teaching, as well as the teachings of other Movement teachers who were involved in establishing the Movements in North America.

Her extensive knowledge and expertise are evident throughout the book, making it an authoritative and practical guide for anyone involved in The Gurdjieff Work. This seminal work is likely to become the go-to resource for anyone interested in these Sacred Dances.