The Tales Study Group

The weekly Tales Study Series began on Wednesday, September 29th, 2021. Led by Robin Bloor, it follows the approaches to studying The Tales Bloor describes in the three volumes of his To Fathom The Gist books. 

In the early meetings, Bloor discussed these techniques. He later created four detailed presentations on these topics that are available to members of the Tales Study Group and to subscribers to the Tales Study Resource.

The study group meetings are recorded so that members of the group can revisit discussions and those who miss meetings can watch the discussions they missed. Others who may join the Tales Study Group  at a later time are also able to watch these meetings to “get up to speed.” The format of each meeting is as follows:

  • There is a reading lasting about 30 minutes
  • This is followed by between an hour and ninety minutes of discussion.

There are two groups, for the EU and the US.

For Europe: Meetings are held at mid-day (12.00pm) Texas time, CST (UTC+06), which is 6.00pm UK time (UTC+0).

For the US: Meetings are held at 5.00pm Texas time, CST (UTC+06), which is 11.00pm UK time.

Note that the clock adjustments for daylight saving need to be allowed for.

Click here to read the Tales Study FAQs.

The cost of participation in The Tales Study Group is 10 dollars per study meeting. 

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  • Click here to Sign-up and Register for access to The Tales Study Resource

Attendees who have not yet acquired copies of the Tales-specific books illustrated above can buy copies of these books at a discount: Click here.