Gurdjieff and Kundabuffer

Food for the Moon

Gurdjieff and Kundabuffer is a groundbreaking book that examines Gurdjieff’s theory that Man is food for the Moon – this idea asserts that, at death, some of the substances of Man’s psyche are released and rise up to the ionosphere, from where they pass to the Moon via the Earth’s magnetosphere.

The book is a tour de force, skipping from depictions and explanations of The Ray of Creation to deep analyses of the text of Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson to the consequences of the properties of the organ Kundbuffer. The book is full of unexpected insights. It looks at Kundabuffer and the nourishing of the Moon from every perspective.

Read it if you want to know:

•   The astro-magnetic mechanism by which the sacred Askokin, produced by man, is transmitted to the Moon.

•   The meaning and nature of Anulios.

•   The meaning of the names of the angels, Sakaki, Looisos and Algamatant, and the meaning of their strange titles.

•   The details of the consequences of the properties of the organ.

•   An inventory of Man’s faults which are due to the abnormal being-existence that he created for himself – irrespective of Kundabuffer.

•   What we can do to eradicate the consequences of the properties of the accursed organ Kundabuffer.

Gurdjieff and Kundabuffer: Food for the Moon is a must-read for anyone interested in Gurdjieff’s teachings. It is likely to become a classic in the canon of esoteric literature.