Gurdjieff Oskiano Presenter Information ⥭

The Format of the Sessions

Each presentation session lasts 2 hours. It is roughly structured as follows:

  1. The presenter presents on his/her topic for 30-45 minutes.
  2. There is a Q&A for 30-45 minutes.
  3. Finally there is a general discussion.

Each session will be recorded and a transcript will be produced in three parts, as above.

A video of each session will be posted to the web.

The presenter is required to write a short paper covering the material he/she presents. This will, if possible, be made available to attendees prior to the presentation. Following the presentation a document will be produced combining all the artefacts of the presentation: Slides, Paper, Transcript, Q&A, Discussion. The PDF will be posted to the web.

Usage Agreement

Presenters are required to agree to the use of the above material (the video, slides, paper, transcript, Q&A, discussion) in the above context and in any further publication of the proceedings. This agreement will be detailed in a realease form that the presenter is required to sign. This waives the right to remuneration for the publication or broadcast of the material, but only in those contexts. Aside from that the presenter is free to make use of the material in any context he or she chooses.