Gurdjieff Oskiano ⥭

Event Schedule Jul-Dec 2023


Date Topics Presenter
Jul 27, 2023 The Trogoautoegocrat Robin Bloor
What is sameness? Gurdjieff’s ‘Resonance’ John Amaral
Aug 24, 2023 The Language of the Work Robin Bloor
I Have A Body, But I Am Not My Body Stephen Aronson
Sep 21, 2023 Gurdjieff & Kundabuffer: Food For The Moon
Robin Bloor
Gurdjieff and Opium Robert Posen
Oct 19, 2023 The Wrongness of Science Robin Bloor
Languages and The Tales Michelle Fink
Nov 16, 2023 Time and The Four Bodies of Man Robin Bloor
Dec 14, 2023 The Food Diagram
Robin Bloor