Gurdjieff Oskiano ⥭

Event Schedule Jul-Dec 2023


Date Topics Presenter
Jan 11, 2024 The  Enneagram Robin Bloor
  Music and the Work John Amaral
Feb 24, 2024 Health, The Work, The Food Diagram Robin Bloor
  Perspectives on Beelzebub’s Tales John Amaral
Mar 21, 2024 Meetings With Remarkable Men: New Details
Robin Bloor
  Languages Michelle Fink
Apr 26, 2024 Gurdjieff’s Hydrogens Revisited Robin Bloor
  To Be Determined Robert Posen
May 30, 2024 The Electric Universe and The Absolute Robin Bloor
  To Be Determined  
Jun 11, 2024   Robin Bloor
    John Amaral