An Encounter WIth Death

“I” and “It”

Said “I” to “It”
I’d like to know
What makes you always act as though
I were not part of you?
You never ask me if you may
Do this or that or feel or say;
You always have it your own way
And never ask my view.

Said “It” to “I”
You’re just a mite
You haven’t even earned the right
To tell me what to do.
If you would aid me; actualise;
A small potential of your size
Is not a help; don’t criticise
But try do something new.

Said “I” to “It”
Like a machine
You act and feel; I’ve never seen
~You~ do a single thing.
You’re always prompted by a word,
A book you’ve read, a scheme you’ve heard;
First image, feeling, doing third,
They’re all on the same string.

Said “It” to “I”
You do not know
The reason why these things are so,
Because you’re sleeping now.
If you’ll wake up and be aware
Of what I do and how I fare,
I’m sure you will not even care
For what I do or how.

Said “I” to “It”
That may be true
But after I’m aware of you
What happens to me then?
Will circumstances govern me
With no more will than I can see
Possessed by animal or tree
Or by the present ‘men’?

Said “It” to “I”
You’ll find it true
That I shall be a part of you,
Not you a part of me.
You’ll be grown up to proper size,
My wish and your will harmonise,
And when at death my body dies,
Then you alone can ‘BE’.

Said “I” to “It”
‘Twould almost seem
As if you acted in a dream,
Or shall I say re-act?
In you when Reason takes a hand;
Emotion cannot understand,
Instinctively you re-act; and –
This is indeed a fact.

Said “It” to “I”
Perhaps I do
But what has that to do with you?
If you think you’re so smart,
Observe me, be aware and see,
Then non-identify from me –
Have Individuality
And don’t be just a part.

Said “I” to “It”
Why take such pains?
You think that you possess three brains,
But one of them is small.
Although instinctively you grew,
Your head brain’s almost lost to view
Your solar plexus spins in you
You have no heart at all.

Said “It” to “I”
Why can’t you see
That you should be the best of me.
Instead you only whine.
Wake up and see what you can do;
Give me the heart whose lack you rue;
And then the brain which is in you
Will join the half of mine.


~ A R Orage