To Fathom The Gist, Vol 1: Approaches to the Writings of G. I. Gurdjieff

Unheralded and unexpected, this book provoked renewed interest in Gurdjieff’s objective literary masterpiece. Rather than a compendium of thoughts and theories on the meaning of Beelzebub’s Tales, this book is a practical and effective guide on how to read the book productively.
It provides a clear and concise description, with abundant examples, of a series of techniques the reader of The Tales needs to employ to better understand the book.
Providing explanatory examples, it discusses: the all-important typography of the book, Gurdjieff’s style, and use of language, intellectual postures, and processes, intentional inexactitudes in the text, the importance of philology and etymology, Gurdjieff’s use of neologisms, the need for background research into the content, the use of allegory, Gurdjieff’s use of “egoplastikoori” and also objective science and its divergence from modern science.
The book has been described as: “Insightful and original,” “Essential reading for anyone studying Gurdjieff’s writings,” “A true companion to All and Everything,” “Valuable to any student of The Tales,” “An ultra-effort” and “Exceptional.” It has made a profound impact on many of its readers and has inspired the organization of study groups focussing on Gurdjieff’s literature in North America, South America and Europe.
It is a seminal work, the foremost book written to assist those who wish to “fathom the gist” of Gurdjieff’s objective literature—and it is likely to remain so for many years. It has recently become available as an Amazon ebook.