Issue #29 December 2023

“A fully developed man represents the Universe in miniature.”
~ Gurdjieff


Seasons Greetings to you all.

I’ve created a video montage to deliver such a message which you can view here: Christmas Greetings video

The commercialism of Christmas can drown out the underlying message. for the devout, Christmas is a holy season awash with Christian images: The immaculate conception, the nativity in the lowly stable, the shepherds of the many ‘I’s, the three kings bearing gifts – just as the three lower centers bear gifts for each one of us, Gold (for the intellect within which knowledge is gold), Frankincense (for the heart and emotions) and Myrhh (for the body).

However, Christmas is irretrievably mixed with the pagan festivals of the new year, and as such is also a time for feasting and celebration. Santa Claus is a strange mixture of the Norse God Odin who was said to hunt reindeer across the sky and Saint Nicholas who uses reindeer to help him dispense gifts here, there and everywhere.

Whichever Christmas you choose to experience, may it serve you and prepare you for the coming year.

The best to you all…


Shakespeare’s Sonnet On

Poor soul, the centre of my sinful
Why feed’st these rebel powers that
thee array?
Why dost thou pine within, and
suffer dearth,
Painting thy outward walls so costly
Why so large cost, having so short a
Dost thou upon thy fading mansion

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Personality Types and the Enneagram

The categorizing of personality under a group of different headings is commonly tried. There are a multitude of such schemes:

– The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI): Based on Carl Jung’s work, the MBTI identifies 16 different personality types formed by four dichotomies:

Introversion/Extraversion, Sensing/Intuition, Thinking/Feeling, …

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The Straying Camel

The Transmutation of the

Modern Science has, for many decades, ignored the evidence of the transmutation of elements.

The probable reason for this is that such an event isn’t easily explained within the confines of their atomic theory, and it is associated with the pursuits of alchemists.

Nevertheless, the evidence of such transformations performed ….

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The Instability of Human Reason

Hamolinadir’s speech about “the instability” of human reason is one of the great speeches of The Tales. It read as follows:

“My friend, Hamolinadir, also had to report about some topic and therefore drew a lot; and it fell to him to speak fifth.

“The reporters who preceded him either reported upon new ‘theories’ they had invented …

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