Issue #28 November 2023

“Question yourself always. Be QUESTION!.”
~ Gurdjieff


Are you concerned about global warming?

The records tell us that the Earth’s average temperature has increased by approximately 1 degree Celsius since the pre-industrial era (1850-1900), and on Friday 17th November they achieved the milestone of 2 degrees C.

Humanity is collectively taking little action to try to limit growth. Indeed there are politicians who still advocate doing nothing, or even expanding the use of hydrocarbons – which would in theory accelerate global warming. The general scientific consensus is that the higher the average temperature rises the more global warming will accelerate.

The prospect then is that sea levels will rise, eventually inundating most coastal areas and eliminating various island countries. Damaging weather events (hurricanes, tornadoes, floods etc.) will be more frequent and various areas will become uninhabitable because of temperature and water problems.

Curiously, there is a possibility that this warming trend will be brought to a halt (and even reversed). Historically, large and violent volcano eruptions have, on occasion deposited a sufficient volume of ash in the atmosphere to cool the Earth fairly quickly, by degrees. The Samalas eruption, for example, is believed to have been the initial cause of the Little Ice Age which began in about 1300.

So, while humanity is incapable of effective action on global warming, Great Nature is not. Will she step in? It’s impossible to say. Perhaps she even likes the direction it is taking.


The Outer and Inner World of Man (3)

To explain what is meant by the vibrations that I have just been speaking about, I can at once take as an excellent example the causes of the fact that today, enemies with an unusual inner attitude toward me are multiplying in great numbers, and I am now in relationship with them on all sides.

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Mushroom Talk

Beneath the verdant canopy of a forest, a silent dialogue is in progress – a conversation between trees, plants, and fungi. The conversation occurs across an intricate network of communication, enabled by the delicate threads of fungal mycelium. And this, it seems, shapes the very fabric of the forest ecosystem.

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The Straying Camel

The Dominance of Negativity

A while ago, the group I belong to sat in front of a whiteboard and listed all the words for negative emotions that we could think of in the space of an hour. The list was long: 114 words. At a subsequent meeting, we attempted a list of positive emotions and only came up with a list of 75.

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Stabat Mater (The Sorrowful Mother Stood)

At the Cross her station keeping,
Stood the mournful Mother weeping,
Close to Jesus to the last:

Through her heart, his sorrow sharing,
All his bitter anguish bearing,
now at length the sword has pass’d.

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