Issue #25 July/August 2023

“Never visit someone only to pass the time.”
~ Gurdjieff


I’m fascinated by the idea that the media represents (or perhaps is) the collective thought processes, both smart and dumb, of mankind. Looking at it this way, we can depict mankind as a single living creature, bereft of any kind of psychic unity but sometimes capable of forming a dominant opinion about various issues for a while.

Yesterday, in Texas, the record for the most consecutive days with temperatures above 100 degrees F was broken. It is thus hotter now than it has ever been, not just in Texas but in most places. The greenhouse effect was known about 50 years ago. No-one disputed it, but no action was taken. And here we are.

If we were to be critical of mankind for this, we’d be missing a point. Mankind has no unity, and thus what has happened should not be surprising. Sure. There were good reasons to believe that the world would warm up, and indeed it is likely in time that the consequences will be disastrous for many millions of people. Of course, we do not know that – but it seems likely. If mankind were capable of unity then many sensible policies would have been adopted by governments all over the world and maybe the world would be in less of a predicament. But it never panned out like that.

The consensus required for that never formed in the collective thought processes of mankind. The more I think about it, the more I’m inclined to the view that mankind isn’t capable of collective common sense. But I suspect Grate Nature is. I suspect that the outcome of the current climate shifts are in her hands – and that mankind will, at best, be just a spectator.


How Essence Relates to Personality

In exploring Essence and Personality, we encounter the first great mystery about Man: the duality of his existence. Man is composed of two parts. You are born Essence, a pure and innocent being, and Personality …

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Four Forces of the Universe

According to the current models of Physics, four fundamental forces govern the universe. They are listed below, along with a numerical value which represents their supposed relative strength :

– The Strong Nuclear Force (SNF):  value 1

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The Straying Camel

The Nature of
The Tao

The highest good is like water,
Which benefits all things
And does not compete with them.

It stays in the lowly places
That all men disdain.
Therefore it is near to the Tao.

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Becoming Aware of Genuine Being Duty

We are in debt, every one of us, to the people who brought the Work to us, and to those who brought it to them and to others too, along a line that stretches out into the dusty past.

AFTER the captain had gone, Beelzebub glanced at his grandson

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Read this book it if you want to know:

•   How the sacred Askokin, produced by man, feeds the Moon.

•   The meaning and nature of Anulios.

•   The meaning of the names Sakaki, Looisos and Algamatant, and the meaning of their strange titles.

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