Issue #27 October 2023

“Common sense mellowed and experienced is wisdom; and wisdom in its ripeness is beauty.”
~ Orage


How identified are you with the place where you were born? Does it figure in your personality? Do you have a strong attachment to the location where you got your first look at the World?

I remember quite a while ago driving past the house in which I spent almost all of my childhood. It was still standing, although it looked a little different – and the neighborhood had changed considerably. I had an instant realization that the past (my past) exists only within me. The world left it all behind long ago, and my view of it was purely subjective. 

As I thought about this, it became clear that the past is subjective, sometimes misremembered and available only in snatches. What exists is now, the past is an afterthought. And when death arrives what remains of that subjective past evaporates with your last breath.

If it is that way for us, then perhaps it is that way for everything that lives with the unique exception of our ENDLESSNESS.


The World Is On Fire

The world is on fire!
And are you laughing?
You are deep in the dark.
Will you not ask for light?

For behold your body—
A painted puppet, a toy,
Jointed and sick and full of false
A shadow that shifts and fades.

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Words from Madame Ouspensky

It’s worth acquiring a recently released book entitled  Saturday Evenings at Mendham: Conversation with Madame Ouspensky. Madame Ouspensky (1878-1961), was born Sophie Grigorievna Volochine in Kharkoff, Ukraine. She met Gurdjieff in St. Petersburg in 1916, becoming one of his first students and a lifelong disciple.

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The Straying Camel

The Outer and Inner World of Man (2)

The “I” in a real man represents that totality of the functioning of his general psyche whose factors have their origin in the results of contemplation or simply in the contact between the first two totalities, that is, between the factors of his inner world and of his outer world.

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The Earth Waters the Moon

The suggestion that “life on Earth feeds the Moon” must have been bewildering to many people who joined Ouspensky and Gurdjieff in the early years of the Work. At that time, very little was known about the Moon astronomically, but even so, it was clear that Earth and Moon were separated by about 250,000 miles …

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Read this book it if you want to know:

•   How the sacred Askokin, produced by man, feeds the Moon.

•   The meaning and nature of Anulios.

•   The meaning of the names Sakaki, Looisos and Algamatant, and the meaning of their strange titles.

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