Issue #26 August/September 2023

“Common sense mellowed and experienced is wisdom; and wisdom in its ripeness is beauty.”
~ Orage


Many things make it impossible for us to perceive reality directly. We have limits. Our hearing operates only in a small band of frequencies. Our eyes see but a slither of the electromagnetic spectrum. And all other beings on this planet are more or less constrained in this way. Hawks see better than we do, by a factor of twelve. A dog’s sense of smell is between 100,000 and 10,000,000 more sensitive than man’s (it varies by breed and individual dog).

It is indisputable that the outer world, which we rarely question, is a construction of our senses and our mind based on limited data. And there are many cognitive illusions that will have us believe what is not true. We model the world and project it onto an “inner screen,” but in doing so we cannot avoid some level of distortion, caused by our history, our culture, by the media, by our attitudes and by our expectations.

Perhaps the most pernicious illusion of all is that we know things when we do not.
And this is true at every level – even at the level of the Archangels. 

Jeanne de Salzmann noted wisely: The highest form of knowledge is not knowing.


Truth and The Emotions

Our emotions play a key role in our understanding of the truth of a situation. When we are negative, our emotions distort our perception of reality and make it difficult for us to see things clearly. They inject a kind of prejudice in our thinking, which can lead us …

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The Outer and Inner World of Man

This extract from Life Is Real Only Then, When ‘I Am’ says what Gurdjieff says with different words elsewhere. It is worth reading…

…it must be said that in the outpourings of various occultists and other will-less parasites, when they discuss spiritual questions, …

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The Straying Camel

The Ocean of Love

The Ocean of Love is vast and deep,
It has no shore, no bottom, no end.
The waves of love crash against the shore of the heart,
And the soul is swept away in a torrent of passion.

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The Darwinian Delusion

There are a multitude of reasons to disregard Darwin’s much-feted theory of evolution. But let’s not entirely condemn the scientific efforts that brought it to the fore and adopted it as dogma. Much useful work was done and continues to be done in creating the phylogenetic tree for planet Earth.

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Read this book it if you want to know:

•   How the sacred Askokin, produced by man, feeds the Moon.

•   The meaning and nature of Anulios.

•   The meaning of the names Sakaki, Looisos and Algamatant, and the meaning of their strange titles.

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