Artist’s Idea of an Atom

According to the current models of Physics, four fundamental forces govern the universe. They are listed below, along with a numerical value which represents their supposed relative strength :

– The Strong Nuclear Force (SNF):  value 1

– The Electromagnetic Force (EMF): 10 to the power -2, or  value 1/100

– The Weak Nuclear Force (WNF): 10 to the power -13, or value 1/10,000,000,000,000

– Gravity: 10 to the power, or value 1/1000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

As you can see, modern physics asserts that the strong nuclear force is the strongest of the four fundamental forces, stronger than the electromagnetic force. A point to highlight here is that both the Strong Nuclear Force (SNF) and the Weak Nuclear Force (WNF) are forces that are deemed to have an effect only within an atom. If you think from The Work you will likely reject this idea at once, on the basis of “as above, so below.” In the Work’s view, if a Law applies then it applies at every scale in every cosmos.

[As an aside, by the way, notice that the EMF is

The Strong Nuclear Force was dreamed up to explain why the protons in the nucleus of the atom do not repel each other. The thinking is that there must be an attractive force that is holding them together. The Structured Atom Model, which we discussed in the previous newsletter, dispenses with the SNF and also dispenses with the idea of a neutron. It views the nucleus of an atom as being composed of clumps of protons that are bound together by electrons. This model eliminates a lot of complex particles and interactions within atoms.

And it does the same if you apply it to explain radioactive decay, which is what the Weak Nuclear Force (WNF) purports to explain. It should thus be of great interest to people in The Work.

Without diving into the details, (we’ll do that in later posts), a less complex model of the atom, if accepted, changes Physics completely and, in particular, wrecks a good deal of quantum mechanics. It reduces those four fundamental forces to two because all that is needed to explain the internals of the atom by the Structured Atom Model is the EM force.

There is a question about gravity too. We will not delve into that here, but save it for the next post on Objective Science. The possibility is that gravitational effects could also be explained by the EM force.