“On Saturdays—the day-of-mysteries, or the day-of- the-theater—the demonstrations produced by learned members of this group were the most interesting, and, as it is said, the most ‘popular.’

“I personally preferred these Saturdays to all the other days of the week and tried not to miss one of them; and I preferred them because the demonstrations arranged on those days by the learned beings of that group frequently provoked such spontaneous and sincere laughter among all the other terrestrial three-centered beings who were in the given section of the club, that I sometimes forgot among which three-centered beings I was, and that being- impulse manifested itself in me which is proper to arise only in one-natured beings like myself.

“At the outset the learned beings of that group demonstrated before the other members of the club various forms of being-experiencings and being-manifestations. Then, later, they collectively selected from all that was demonstrated what corresponded to the various details of one or another already existing mystery, or of one newly created by themselves; and only after all this did they indicate in those being-experiencings and manifestations reproduced by them what they wished, by means of intentionally allowed deviations from the principles of the Law of Sevenfoldness.

“Here it is necessary to notice that although in former epochs mysteries occasionally containing many instructive notions chanced to reach some of their generations mechanically and sometimes passed from generation to generation to beings of very remote generations, yet those mysteries in the contents of which the learned members of the club of the Adherents-of-Legominism then intentionally placed varied knowledge, calculating that it would reach beings of very remote generations, have during recent times almost totally ceased to exist.