“You must know that to all the three-brained beings of the Earth and also of course to the sculptors of that period, it was already known that, in accordance always with the same great Law of Sevenfoldness, the dimensions of any definite part of any whole being ensue from the seven dimensions of other of his secondary parts, which in their turn ensue from seven tertiary parts, and so on and so forth.

“According to this, each large or small part of the whole totality of the planetary body of a being has exactly proportionately increasing or diminishing dimensions in relation to his other parts.

“For a clear understanding of what I have just said, the face of any three-brained being can serve as a good example.

“The facial dimensions of every three-centered being in general, and also the facial dimensions of the three- centered beings of the planet Earth who have taken your fancy, are the result of the dimensions of seven different fundamental parts of the whole of his body, and the di- mension of each separate part of the face is the result of seven different dimensions of the whole face. For instance, the dimensions of the nose of any being are derived from the dimensions of the other parts of the face, and on this nose in its turn there are actualized seven definite what are called ‘surfaces’ and these surfaces also have seven lawful dimensions down to the said atom itself of this face of theirs, which as I have said is one of the seven independent dimensions composing the dimensions of the whole planetary body.

“In the deviations from these lawful dimensions, the learned sculptors among the members of the Adherents- of-Legominism then in the city of Babylon indicated all kinds of useful information and fragments of knowledge already known to them which they intended to transmit to the beings of remote generations.