“As regards that organ of theirs about which we began to speak, namely, the organ for the perception of the visibility of other cosmic arisings which were beyond them, the deterioration of its sensibility, continuing also after the Babylonian period, reached the point that during our last stay on the surface of this planet your favorites al- ready had the possibility of perceiving and distinguishing, instead of the one million nine hundred and twenty-one thousand and six hundred ‘tonalities-of-color’ which they ought to have perceived and distinguished, only the result of the penultimate what is called ‘sevenfold-crystallization-of-the-white-ray,’ that is forty-nine tonalities, and even then only some of your favorites had that capacity, while the rest, perhaps the majority, were deprived of even this possibility.

“But what is most interesting in respect of this progressive deterioration of that most important part of their common presence is the sorry farce that results, namely, that those contemporary three-brained beings there who can still manage to distinguish the mentioned miserable fraction of the total number of tonalities—namely, merely forty-nine—look down with superior self-conceit and with an admixture of the impulse of pride upon those other beings who have lost the capacity to distinguish even this miserable number, as upon beings with abnormal deficiency in that said organ of theirs; and they call them diseased, afflicted by what is called ‘Daltonism.’

“The last seven blendings of the ‘gravity-center-vibrations-of-the-white-ray,’ then in Babylon just as now among the contemporary beings there, had the following names:

(1) Red
(2) Orange
(3) Yellow
(4) Green
(5) Blue
(6) Indigo
(7) Violet