“Deteriorating century by century, the ‘sensibility-of- perception’ of that organ also—namely, the organ by means of which there chiefly proceeds for the presences of the three-brained beings what is called the ‘automatic-satiation-of-externals’ which is the basis for the possibility of natural self-perfecting—had reached such a point that at the time of our fifth stay there during the period called by the contemporary beings there the period of the ‘Greatness-of-Babylon,’ that organ of theirs could perceive and distinguish the blending of the gravity-center- vibrations of the white ray at most up to the third degree only of what are called its ‘sevenfold-strata,’ that is up to only 343 different ‘tonalities-of-color.’

“Here it is interesting to note that quite a number of the three-brained beings of the Babylonian epoch themselves already suspected the gradual deterioration of the sensibility of that organ of theirs, and certain of them even founded a new society in Babylon that started a peculiar ‘movement’ among the painters of that time.

“This peculiar movement of the painters of that time had the following program: ‘To-find-out-and-elucidate- the-Truth-only-through-the-tonalities-existing-between- white-and-black.’

“And they executed all their productions exclusively utilizing only the tonalities ensuing from black up to white. “When I got to know of that particular movement of painting there in Babylon, its followers were already using for their productions about fifteen hundred very definite shades of what is called the ‘color gray.’