“And as regards the details of the most holy ‘unique-seven-propertied-vibrations,’ you will understand them only when, as I have already many times promised you, I shall have explained to you in detail in its proper time all about the most great fundamental laws of World-creation and World-maintenance.

“And meanwhile concerning the given case you ought to know that when this said common-integral-vibration, that is, what the terrestrial three-brained beings call the ‘white ray,’ enters with its presence proper to it into the ‘spheres-of-the-possibilities’ for its transformation in the presence of an Insapalnian planet, then there proceeds also in it, just as in the case of every already ‘definitized’ cosmic arising possessing the possibility of still further actualization, that cosmic process called Djartklom, that is, it itself remains as a presence, but its essence, as it were, disintegrates and produces processes for evolution and in- volution by the separate ‘gravity-center-vibrations’ of its arising and these processes are actualized thus: one of the gravity-center-vibrations is derived from the others and is transformed into a third, and so on.

“During such transformations, this said ‘common-integral-vibration,’ that is the white ray, acts with its gravity- center-vibrations upon other ordinary processes proceed- ing nearby in intraplanetary and surplanetary arisings and decompositions, and, owing to ‘kindred-vibrations,’ its gravity-center-vibrations dependently upon and in accordance with the surrounding conditions blend and become a part of the whole common presence of these definite intraplanetary or surplanetary formations, in which the said processes proceed.

“Well then, my boy, during the periods of my descent in person to the planet Earth, I, at first without any conscious intention on the part of my Reason, and later al- ready quite intentionally, noticed and finally definitely constated the progressive deterioration in all of them of this ‘being-organ’ also.