“This law, which has utterly failed to reach the contemporary three-brained beings of that planet, was then quite familiar to the beings there, that is to say, they were al- ready quite aware that the size and form of enclosed spaces and also the volume of air enclosed in them influence beings in particular ways.

“Utilizing this law, they indicated their various ideas in the following way:

“Let us suppose that according to the character and pur- pose of some building or other it is required that from the interiors of the given building, in accordance with the Law of Sevenfoldness and with the mechanical practice of centuries, definite sensations must be evoked in a certain lawful sequence.

“Then utilizing the law of Daivibrizkar they combined the interiors of this proposed building in such a way that the required sensations were evoked in the beings who entered them, not in the anticipated familiar lawful se- quence but in some other order.

“And it was just in these deviations from the lawful sequence of sensations that they placed whatever they wished in a certain way.

“Wednesdays—the day-of-painting—were devoted to the combining of different colors.

“On those days the learned beings of the given group brought for demonstration every kind of object neces- sary for domestic use made of such colored materials as could last a very long time; namely, they brought ‘carpets,’ ‘fabrics,’ ‘chinkrooaries,’ that is, drawings made in various colors on specially tanned leather capable of lasting many centuries, and things of similar kind.

“By means of variegated colors of threads, various representations of the nature of their planet and various forms of beings also breeding there were drawn or em- broidered on these productions.