The Fruits of Former Civilizations and the Blossoms of the Contemporary

“During my stay there for the last time, I myself personally met several of these terrestrial contemporary three-brained beings who were already two, three, and even about four of their centuries old. I met them mostly among a small ‘brotherhood’ of the three-brained beings there, composed of beings from almost all of their what are called ‘religions,’ and whose permanent place of existence was in the middle of the continent Asia.

“The beings of that brotherhood, it seems, partly elucidated for themselves the mentioned laws of association in being-brains, and in part such information reached them from ancient times through genuine initiates there.

“As for that same contemporary community, whose be- ings have become the chief victims of that particularly maleficent invention of the beings of the said ancient civilization, they not only now use it in the process of their own existence but they try to infect strongly the beings of all the other communities with the same evil. Moreover, owing to that maleficent sport of theirs, these unfortunates not only still further diminish the duration of their own existence—already trifling without this—but thanks to that action of theirs, they will, in my opinion, eventually entail for their community what quite recently occurred to a large community there named ‘Russia.’

“I thought about it during my stay there before my final departure from that planet.

“And I first began thinking about it when I learned that the power-possessing beings also of that no less great contemporary community were already utilizing that maleficent means of theirs, sport, for their own Hasnamussian aims, exactly as the power-possessing beings of the community Russia had, for their similar aims, utilized what is called ‘the-question-of-Russian-vodka.’