The Fruits of Former Civilizations and the Blossoms of the Contemporary

“And concerning premature partial death through the Bobbin-kandelnost of the thinking-center—the deaths of this kind among your favorites occur in recent times more and more frequently.

“This kind of death through the thinking-center occurs there chiefly among those favorites of yours who try to become or have already become scientists of new forma- tion, and also among those who during the period of their existence fall ill with the craze for reading what are called ‘books’ and ‘newspapers.’

“The result among those three-brained beings there of reading superfluously and associating only by thoughts, is that the contents of the Bobbin-kandelnost of their thinking-center are exhausted before the contents of the Bobbin-kandelnosts of their other being-centers.

“And so, my boy, all these misfortunes, namely, the shortening of the duration of their existence and also many other consequences, maleficent for them them- selves, occur to your favorites exclusively only because they have even until now not yet learned of the existence of the cosmic law called ‘Equalization-of-many-sourced- vibrations.’

“If only such an idea occurred to them and they were merely to perform their usual wiseacrings with it, perhaps then they would get to understand one very simple, as they call it, ‘secret.’

“I admit that somebody would be certain to understand this ‘secret’ because, in the first place it is simple and obvious, and secondly because they discovered it long ago and they even often employed it in what they call ‘practical use.’

“They even use this simple secret, to which I referred, for those mechanical-watches which we took for comparisonas an elucidating example concerning the duration of their existence.