The Fruits of Former Civilizations and the Blossoms of the Contemporary

“For instance, a one-third death on account of the Bobbin-kandelnost of the moving-center or ‘spinal-brain’ of- ten occurs there among those terrestrial beings who give themselves up to that occupation which the beings be- longing to the contemporary community England now practice, thanks to the maleficent invention of the ancient Greeks, and which maleficent occupation they now call sport.

“The character of the pernicious consequences of that maleficent occupation there you will well understand when I tell you that during my stay among those favorites of yours I once prepared a special section of my statistics for elucidating to myself how long these three-brained be- ings there can exist, who become what are called ‘wrestlers’ by profession, and never once in those statistics of mine, did I notice that any of them had existed longer than forty-nine of their years.

“And a one-third death through the premature using up of the Bobbin-kandelnost of the feeling-center occurs for the most part among those terrestrial beings who become by profession what are called ‘representatives-of-Art.’

“Most of these terrestrial professionals, especially the contemporary ones, first fall ill with one or another form of what is called ‘psychopathy,’ and thanks to this, they later in their psychopathy intentionally learn, as they say, to ‘feel’; and thereafter repeatedly feeling these abnormal being-impulses, they gradually use up the contents of the Bobbin-kandelnost of their feeling-center, and thus dis- harmonizing the tempo of their own common presences bring themselves to that peculiar end which is not often met with even among them there.

“Here, by the way, it is very interesting also to notice that the one-third death through the feeling-center occurs among your favorites also thanks to one very peculiar form of ‘psychopathy,’ called there ‘altruism.’