The Fruits of Former Civilizations and the Blossoms of the Contemporary

“I will explain to you certain of these means there, now existing and in use everywhere, which have been invented by the beings of that contemporary community Germany.

“I should like first to emphasize, by the way, one very odd phenomenon, namely, that these contemporary ‘substitutes’ for the ancient Greeks give names to their said maleficent inventions, names which for some reason or other all end in ‘inc.’

“As examples of the very many particularly maleficent inventions of those German beings, let us take just those five what are called ‘chemical substances,’ now existing there under the names of (1) satkaine, (2) aniline, (3) cocaine, (4) atropine and (5) alizarine, which chemical substances are used there at the present time by the beings of all the continents and islands as our dear Mullah Nassr Eddin says: ‘Even-without-any-economizing.’

“The first of the enumerated means, specially invented by the German beings, namely, ‘satkaine,’ is nothing else but ‘Samookoorooazar,’ that is to say, one of those seven what are called ‘neutralizing gases’ which arise and are always present in the common presence of each planet and which take part in the ‘completed crystallization’ of every definite surplanetary and intraplanetary formation, and which in separate states are always and everywhere what are called ‘indiscriminate-destroyers-of-the-already- arisen.’

“About this German invention, I once also learned there among other things, that when one of the beings of that community, for reasons I recently described, happened to obtain this gas from some ‘surplanetary’ and ‘intraplan-tary’ definite formations, and noticed in the said way its particularity, and told several others about it, then, owing to the fact that there was then proceeding in the presences of the beings of their community, consequently in them themselves, what is called ‘the-most-intense-experiencing’ of the chief particularity of the psyche of the three-brained beings of your planet, namely, ‘the-urgent-need-to-destroy-the-existence-of-others-like-themselves’—and in- deed, the beings of that community were then fully absorbed in their process of reciprocal destruction with the beings of neighboring communities—these others there- upon at once ‘enthusiastically’ decided to devote them- selves entirely to finding means to employ the special property of that gas for the speedy mass destruction of the existence of the beings of other communities.