The Fruits of Former Civilizations and the Blossoms of the Contemporary

“And about these, from the point of view of your contemporary favorites, ‘very-ancient’ communities, I must furthermore not fail to explain to you and possibly in detail, because not only did they then, as I have already said, make a clean sweep from the face of that unfortunate planet of the last results beneficial for all the three-brained beings of all subsequent epochs, and even of all traces of the memory of the Very Saintly Labors of the Essence-loving Asiata Shiemash, but they were also the cause that real ‘nonsense’ already proceeds in the Reasons of the contemporary favorites of yours, and that there is completely atrophied in them that ‘fundamental-being-impulse’ which is the main lever of objective morality, and which is called ‘organic shame.’

“A closer acquaintance with these big groupings of your favorites and with various forms of ‘bliss’ prepared by them and which have passed to the beings of later epochs, will give you a good idea and enable you understand exactly to how separate independent communities are formed there, and also how a given community, having become powerful quite independently of the beings themselves, takes advantage of the fact and sets about destroying everything already attained by the other ‘less powerful’ communities, and forces upon them their own ‘new inventions, in most cases sincerely imagining that they truly are just what the others need.

“I must warn you, my boy, that my story of the history of their arising and of everything later connected with those ancient communities called Greeks and Romans is not based on the results of my personal investigations; no, I shall only give you the information about them which I got from one of those beings of our tribe who wished to remain to exist forever on that planet of yours.