Issue #10 — March 2022

Question yourself always. Be QUESTION.
~ Gurdjieff

Food For Thought,

Food For The Moon

Most planets have a self-created magnetosphere. As already mentioned; the Moon does not. It has a magnetosphere created for it by the Sun’s solar wind, as occurs with all solar system bodies which do not have a self-generated magnetosphere. But that applies only when the Moon lies outside the Earth’s magnetosphere. medical practices … Read more…

The Hasnamuss

Beelzebub explains the nature of a Hasnamuss with the following words.

“In general, those independent individuals are called and defined by the word Hasnamuss in whom, among what are called ‘Individual-impulses,’ a certain ‘something’ arises, which participates in what is called the ‘completed formation’ of independent individualities in the common presences of three-brained beings both of the highest possible coating as well as of those who consist only of the planetary body alone. …Read more…

The King of The Wood

Who does not know Turner’s picture of the Golden Bough? The scene, suffused with the golden glow of imagination in which the divine mind of Turner steeped and transfigured even the fairest natural landscape, is a dream-like vision of the little woodland lake of Nemi-“Diana’s Mirror,” as it was called by the ancients. No one who has seen that calm water, lapped in a green hollow of the Alban hills, can ever forget it..  Read more…

The Straying Camel

A Meditation on Movement

My body is walking down a hall. Who is walking? How is there walking? How does this body move itself?

Why does the time schedule of the event at this moment determine this motion? What else would be more determinative? The schedule has been submitted to … So, this walking is occurring now here … as the manifestation of that submission to the condition imposed by the schedule.
Who has accepted it? Who has surrendered to it? Read more…