Moving Meditation: Tai Chi

Quito, Ecuador February 26, 2017

My body is walking down a hall. Who is walking? How is there walking? How does this body move itself?

Why does the time schedule of the event at this moment determine this motion? What else would be more determinative? The schedule has been submitted to … So, this walking is occurring now here … as the manifestation of that submission to the condition imposed by the schedule.

Who has accepted it? Who has surrendered to it?

This acceptance forms a force that guides, determines, propels the action. This has appeared with the acceptance of a suggestion to participate in this activity. The acceptance binds the suggestion with the body so the body walks and plays its role in this voluntary event that exists only because of acceptance of the idea. This is the reality of this moment. Its form and purpose play its role as a small but lawful component of a larger form, a larger pattern comprised of many small moments woven into the fabric of the larger event. The form of the larger event is the warp. Acceptance is the weaver. Each moment of movement in the service of the event is the woof. Thus, the tapestry of our lives is woven, line by line, event by event. Only by backing up or looking down from a higher perspective can the tapestry be seen, each segment itself a portion of the pattern of a whole life.

As I watch the walking down the hall, am present to the weaving of the line of the moment.

Music and movement… What is weaver? What is woven? When I submit to the music’s form, my body weaves the pattern of the meaning behind the music.

When I accept my role
When I surrender to the role I am called to play,
I am free,
for all is done
for me,
from me.

All that is required of me is to Be, to accept and watch what happens, allowing the role to be played through me by what is using me to make Its music, weave Its tapestry. I must accept to be Its material.

I am not the artist. I am the brush.
I am not the composer. I am the instrument.
I am not the dancer. I am the dance.
I am not the speaker. I am Its voice.