The Chief Culprit in the Destruction of
All the Very Saintly Labors of Ashiata Shiemash

“As a result of his inner what is called ‘double-gravity-centered’ existence, the ‘highest being-part’ of the presence of this terrestrial three-brained being was coated and perfected up to the required gradation of Objective Reason, and later this ‘highest being-part’ became, as I
have once already told you, one of those three hundred and thirteen ‘highest being-bodies’ who are called ‘Eternal-Hasnamuss-individuals’ and who have the place of their further existence in the Universe on a small planet existing under the name of ‘Eternal-Retribution.’

“Now, strictly speaking, about this terrestrial three-brained being Lentrohamsanin, I would have to fulfill my promise and to explain to you in detail about the expression Hasnamuss, but I prefer to do so a little later in the proper place of the sequence in this tale.

“The mentioned maleficent ‘invention,’ or as they themselves, that is, the contemporary terrestrial learned beings, name such an invention of a learned being there of ‘new formation,’ a ‘composition,’ or even a ‘creation,’ was actualized, as I have already told you, two or more centuries before the time when, during my fifth sojourn there, I first reached the city of Babylon, where partly by coercion and also partly voluntarily, learned beings had been assembled from the surface of almost the whole of the planet.

“The maleficent composition of that learned being of former centuries reached the learned beings of the said Babylonian epoch by means of what is called a ‘Kashireitleer,’ on which this invention was engrossed by the said learned Lentrohamsanin himself.

“I find it very necessary to inform you a little more in detail about the history of the arising of this Lentrohamsanin and also how, owing to which accidental circumstances of his environment, he later became there a great learned being and authority for his contemporary beings of almost the whole surface of your planet.