The Organization for Man’s Existence
Created by the Very Saintly Ashiata Shiemash

“That is why, my boy, the crystallization in their common presences of the Divine manifestation issuing from Above for the data of the arising of this sacred being-impulse in them, proceeds only in their subconsciousness—which has ceased to participate in the process of their ordinary, daily existence—and that is why these data have escaped that ‘degeneration’ to which all the other sacred being-impulses were subject, and which they also ought to have in their presences, namely, the impulses Faith, Love, and Hope.

“Furthermore, if, for some reason or other, the actions of the Divine data, crystallized in their presences for the said being-impulse, should now begin to manifest themselves in them from their subconsciousness and should strive to participate in the functioning of their abnormally formed ordinary ‘consciousness,’ then no sooner are they aware of it than they at once take measures to avoid it, because it has already become impossible in the conditions already existing there for anyone to exist with the functioning in their presences of this Divine impulse of genuine objective conscience.

“From the time when the said egoism had become completely ‘inoculated’ in the presences of your favorites, this particular being-property became, in its turn, the fundamental contributory factor in the gradual crystallization in their general psyche of the data for the arising of still several other quite exclusively-particular being-impulses now existing there under the names of ‘cunning,’ ‘envy,’ ‘hate,’ ‘hypocrisy,’ ‘contempt,’ ‘haughtiness,’ ‘servility,’ ‘slyness,’ ‘ambition,’ ‘double-facedness,’ and so on and so forth.