Beelzebub’s Flight to the Planet Earth for the Fifth Time

“As I later learned, he left the city of Babylon the same day forever, and went to Nineveh and existed somewhere there to a ripe old age. I also ascertained that this
Hamolinadir was never again occupied with ‘sciences’ and that he spent his existence only in planting ‘choongary’ which in contemporary language is called ‘maize.’

“Well, my boy, the speech of this Hamolinadir at first made such a deep impression upon the beings there that for almost a month they went about, as it is said there, ‘down-in-the-mouth.’

“And when they met each other, they could speak of nothing else but only of the various passages from this speech which they remembered and repeated.

“They repeated them so often that several of Hamolinadir’s phrases spread among the ordinary beings of Babylon and became sayings for ordinary daily existence.

“Some of his phrases reached even contemporary beings of the planet Earth, and among them there is also the phrase ‘The-Building-of-the-Tower-of-Babel.’

“Contemporary beings now already quite clearly picture to themselves that once upon a time a certain tower was built in this said city of Babylon to enable beings to ascend in their planetary bodies to ‘God Himself.’

“And the contemporary beings of the planet Earth also say and are quite persuaded that during the building of this ‘Babylonian tower’ a number of tongues were confused.

“In general there reached the contemporary beings of the planet Earth a great many of such isolated expressions, uttered or fixed by various sensible beings of former epochs concerning certain details of a complete understanding from the epoch when the Center-of-Culture was Babylon as well as from the other epochs; and your favorites of recent centuries, simply on the basis of these ‘scraps,’ have with their already quite ‘nonsensical’ Reason concocted such ‘cock-and-bull’ stories as our Arch-cunning Lucifer himself might envy.