The Fourth Personal Sojourn of Beelzebub on the Planet Earth

“But if these results take place beyond the mentioned limit, then this manifestation does not at all extend to those beings in whose presences there are organs for the perception of visibility, formed only by the results of the totality of ‘Itoklanoz.’

“Here it is very opportune to repeat one of the profound sayings, seldom used there, of our Mullah Nassr Eddin, which very neatly defines the given case, that is, this degree of the limitation of the perception of visibility of your contemporary favorites.

“This wise saying of his, seldom used there, consists of the following words:

“ ‘Show me the elephant the blind man has seen, and only then will I believe that you have really seen a fly.’

“Well then, my boy, thanks to that artificial adaptation which I had then seen for the observation of other cosmic concentrations, and which was being constructed in that future Egypt on the initiative issuing from the Reasons of the remote descendants of the member beings of the learned society Akhaldan, any one of these unfortunate favorites of yours, in spite of the Koritesnokhnian sight which had long before become inherent to them, could nevertheless acquire the ability to perceive freely at any time, as they say, ‘of the day and night,’ the visibility of all those remote cosmic concentrations which in the process of the general ‘cosmic harmonious movement’ come within the sphere of the horizon of their observation.

“In order to overcome this limitation of their organ of the perception of visibility, they then invented the following:

“Their Teskooano or telescope, the construction of which, it must here be said, passed to them also from their remote ancestors, they did not fix on the surface of their
planet, as was usually done there and is still done now—but they placed this Teskooano very deeply within the planet, and they carried out their observations of the cosmic concentrations found beyond the atmosphere of their planet through specially bored, pipe-like hollows.