The First Visit of Beelzebub to India

“From the first day we had to pass exclusively through a region of various ‘terra-firma-projections’ of unusual forms, which had conglomerations of all kinds of ‘intraplanetary-minerals.’

“And only after a month’s travel, according to their time-calculation, did our caravan from Arguenia come to places where in the soil the possibility had not yet been quite destroyed of Nature’s forming surplanetary formations and creating corresponding conditions for the arising and existing of various one-brained and two-brained beings.

“After every kind of difficulty we at last, one rainy morning, on ascending a height, suddenly saw on the horizon the outline of a large water-space bordering the edges of the continent Ashhark, which was then called Pearl-land.

“And four days later we came to the chief point of the existence of the beings of that third group, then the city ‘Kaimon’.

“Having arranged there the place of our permanent existence, we did nothing during our first days there but stroll about the streets of the town, observing the specific manifestations of the beings of that third group in the process of their ordinary existence.

“It cannot be helped, my dear Hassein. Now that I have told you the history of the arising of the second group of the three-brained beings of the continent Ashhark, I must tell you also about the history of the arising of the third group.”

“You must indeed tell me, my dear and beloved Grandfather,” eagerly exclaimed Hassein; and, this time with great reverence, extending his hands upwards, he sincerely said:

“May my dear and kind Grandfather become worthy to be perfected to the degree of the sacred ‘Anklad’!”

Without saying anything to this, Beelzebub merely smiled and continued to relate as follows: