Issue #19 January 2023

“The way of the real man is that of the warrior, the one who undertakes war on all levels, and, firstly, the war against himself.”


The False Version of The Tales

For the sake of discouraging those who might actually try to read the flawed 1992 version of The Tales, I decided to post the full details of the many failings of that revision for the benefit of readers of the Lost Herald. Below is a summary of them, each linked to a page that offers a detailed explanation.

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The Secrets of The Self – Asking

O thou who hast gathered taxes from lions,
Thy need hath caused thee to become a fox in disposition.
Thy maladies are the result of indigence:
This disease is the source of thy pain.
It is robbing thine high thoughts of their dignity
And putting out the light of thy noble imagination.

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The Straying Camel

The Blood of the Universe

The fact that many people in The Work give credence to the theories of modern science, particularly the ridiculous theories of astrophysics, is sad. Did they not read Beelzebub? Anyway, it has caused me to provide a preliminary set of assertions before discussing the blood of the Universe. I’ll begin..

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Two Spirits

It is said in some ancient teachings that on the day God created man he also created for each man two spirits — the spirit of good and the spirit of evil, or as they are called, an angel and a devil, and placed the angel on the right of man and the devil on the left.

Another ancient teaching says that when God sent


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