Electricity/Plasma Flow as the Blood of The Universe

The fact that many people in The Work give credence to the theories of modern science, particularly the ridiculous theories of astrophysics, is sad. Did they not read Beelzebub? Anyway, it has caused me to provide a preliminary set of assertions before discussing the blood of the Universe. I’ll begin with some proclamations:

  1. There was no Big Bang (a strange idea for which there is no proof at all).
  2. The universe is not expanding (this idea is based entirely on redshift speculation).
  3. Suns are not lit by a continuous process of hydrogen fusion (an idea for which there is no evidence).
  4. The heavier elements (heavier than iron) are not all formed in supernovas (another idea spawned somehow in the absence of evidence).
  5. There is no dark matter (a bizarre idea).
  6. There is no dark energy (an even more bizarre idea).
  7. Neutron stars do not exist (speculative nonsense).
  8. There are no black holes (this is mathematics extrapolated beyond reason)

And most importantly, gravity is not the force that determines the structure of the megalocosmos,  electromagnetism is.

The Electric Universe

To be honest, the primary goal of this posting is to get people in the Work to watch the four videos from Michael Clarage for which I provide links. Those who have read Gurdjieff’s Hydrogens will already have some idea of what these videos imply. But if you have not, then just think of the cosmological ideas described in In Search of the Miraculous by Peter Ouspensky whiel watching them.

The point is that there is a new approach to astrophysics that is gradually taking hold – one which is far more rational than what it will replace, and it aligns surprisingly strongly with Gurdjieff’s Objective Science.

Electrical Form and Function
Function in the Cosmos
Electrical Shaping of Biology
The Light of Life

I’m hoping everyone in The Work starts following this development. The pressure of misleading suggestion that naturally emanates from the Scientific Establishment will soon diminish and it will no longer be necessary to try to envisage the Creation as some kind of Big Bang – a circle that could never be squared.