Issue #8 — January 2022

He who knows what his moon is and does can understand the cosmos.
~ Gurdjieff

Every Memory is a Lantern

Every memory is a lantern, a light, which if remembered and strung together in awareness with all the others connected by association, will reveal the outline of my life at a higher level.

They are remembered because I was present in the moment of imprinting. What did I see, what did I experience at that moment in the “time body” of life? Read more…

A Non-Atheistic Cosmology

Perhaps the most prevalent area of inexactitude in science is in its use of mathematical modeling. Mathematics is not a science per se. It is a very useful related discipline that provides scientists and engineers with extremely useful tools—statistics being just one of them. Nevertheless, it needs to be understood at the outset that mathematics does not and cannot prove anything in relation to reality. Read more…


The Tales Research Resource

In recent months, we found ourselves running multiple reading groups for The Tales. In every meeting one of our number took notes of the discussions that followed the reading. We also posted the video record of the meeting to this website. Several participants began to suggest ways in which we could enrich the information resource that was clearly growing.   Read more…

The Straying Camel

The Rebirth of The Grand Lama

A Grand Lama had passed his whole life in idleness. Although he was surrounded by men of learning, had had excellent tutors in his youth, and had inherited an excellent library from his predecessors, he scarcely knew how to read. One day, this lama died. Now, in those times there lived a man called Dugpa Kunlegs, a miracle-worker and rough-speaking philosopher, who travelled the land under the guise of a vagabond.  Read more…