Every memory is a lantern, a light, which if remembered and strung together in awareness with all the others connected by association, will reveal the outline of my life at a higher level.

They are remembered because I was present in the moment of imprinting. What did I see, what did I experience at that moment in the “time body” of life?

The shape of our time body is outlined by our memories, each light a lamp illuminating a small circle of brightness in that arena of the time-body at that moment.

Memories are also multi leveled and symbolic. They reveal an event, but why was that event imprinted in memory? Why did that event or the feeling associated or symbolized by that event wake me, the sleeping Observer, at that moment and record itself in my mind, in my body, in my feelings? Memory is more than the who, what when how of that moment on the horizontal plane of life experiences. There is also the question of Why did that make an impact, an impression, in the material of my memory? It also carries an imprint, a vibration from the emotional, intellectual world of my essence in that moment of historical illumination. It may also carry the resonance of a higher spiritual world to which I am ultimately connected.

Something about the event experienced, in my life, resonated with what lies behind my reason for being. Something which lies behind , and thus knows, my reason for being, illuminated that moment, recorded aspects of the event so that, in the future, another part of me might recall that packet of multi-dimensional information, like a capsule containing information from both my time based experience and my nature from time out of time. A momentary co-incidence of several levels.  The outline of my time body contains both material from the level of life and personality, but also information about my shape in the aspirational world above.

To remember myself has also a literal, temporal meaning as well as describing of the quality of state of consciousness in a moment.  I must remember my multi-dimensional existence inside the moment.  I must remember the timeline of the events outlining what I have met and experienced during the life in the body. I must remember what I was experiencing psychologically in that moment of experiencing along the timeline of ordinary life. Ordinary life is the blending of the experience of the body along with the concurrent experience of the feelings and mental processes as they imprinted the “meaning” of that set of events on the life plane and how those interpretations became part of the conditioned program running the machinery of the life plane.  I must remember, locate the fragments and rearrange them, stitch them together to find the shape and quality and history of my interpretations of the meaning of myself and life.

Who is weaving them back together to discover the shape of Itself, distorted through the experiences of life? Having begun to see the events, then the patterns, then the shape of the level, then the outline of the shape of the higher levels, the Observer can begin to separate out Its experience in the moment of viewing from that which is viewed. Thus, the Observer may begin to also re-member Its own shape in the world from which It watches, interpenetrates and experiences life.

Remember myself in the moment. Remember myself through the shape and experiences of my life.  Remember myself through the interpretations of meaning my emotional-intellectual apparatus designed it to be in that moment and assigned that interpretation to that event.  These meanings can alter, or be reinforced, over time when combined with the interpretations mechanically made of later events. These meanings also can be altered by reexamining them in the light of a different level of consciousness, a different level of accumulated understandings.

A more accurate shape, a holographic outline of what I am must include the vertical as well as horizontal events occurring the moment the memory was recorded… my shape both in time and outside of time. 

What holds the shape of a persons’ life is the shape of the person inside the life.  What holds the shape and purpose and direction of a community together is the combined shapes of all the lives shaped by the subjective person inside each subjective life.  If the interior is unbalanced, the life will be unbalanced.  If the inner lives of the population are unbalanced, the shape and purpose and activity of the community will reflect that imbalance.

As Inside so Outside …, as Above so Below.