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Stephen is a psychotherapist (now retired) with an eclectic training background ranging from cognitive behavioral therapy to the alchemical approach of Carl Jung. His spiritual life has been a search for verification of a deeper reality underlying the ordinary world of our senses. His personal aim has been to find a reconciliation between science and spirituality which would also allow reconciling the concept of Universal intelligence with rationality. The arcane language of specialized methods, although necessary for advanced training, is often a barrier for those seeking an initial understanding.

After a dozen years in Jungian analysis and four decades of study and practice in the Gurdjieff Work, as group member, and later, group leader of groups primarily in the North Eastern USA, he has sought to illustrate these deep and complex ideas and methods in common language and universally shared experiences, and thus recently became an author.

He had already published essays on the Gurdjieff work of G. I. Gurdjieff on this web site, in Proceedings of the annual All and Everything International Humanities Conference and in Parabola, a magazine dedicated to myth, tradition and search for meaning. (In 1981 he had co-authored The Stress Management Workbook, Appleton-Century-Croft, 1981, with physician Michael Mascia.)

His first book, The Search for Meaning and the Mystery of Consciousness (click here for more details) was published in 2022, revised and republished in 2023. It has been well-received as one of the few books on The Gurdjieff Work written from the perspective of psychology. Stephen is currently working on a second book, which is likely to be published in early 2024.

Steve lives in rural Maine. If you would like to contact Stpehen on any matter at all, including the content of his writings, fill in the opposite form. Click here for video conversations with Stephen Aronson.

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