The First Visit of Beelzebub to India

“This explanation of Saint Buddha together with other definite indications of His was spread by His nearest initiates among the ordinary beings there; and after the process of the sacred Rascooarno had occurred to Him, it also began to pass from generation to generation.

“So, my boy, when, as I have already told you, those three-centered beings there among the second and third generation of the contemporaries of Saint Buddha in whose psyche, already from the time of the loss of Atlantis, that peculiarity had been fixed, called the ‘organic-psychic need to wiseacre,’ began—unfortunately for the ordinary three-centered beings of that period and unfortunately also for the beings of all succeeding generations and even for those of the present time—to wiseacre and superwiseacre concerning these counsels of Saint Buddha, then as a result a very definite notion became fixed and also began to pass from generation to generation, that this same ‘endurance’ should without fail be produced in complete solitude.

“Here that strangeness of the psyche of your favorites then manifested itself just as it now manifests itself, by their not having considered and not considering the obvious fact—obvious, that is, to every more or less sane Reason—that the Divine Teacher, Saint Buddha, in advising them to employ that kind of ‘endurance,’ of course had in view that they should produce this ‘endurance’ while existing among other beings similar to themselves, and so that by frequently producing in their presences this sacred being-actualization toward the manifestations displeasing to them of other beings similar to themselves, there might thereby be evoked in them what are called those ‘Trentroodianos,’ or, as they themselves would say, those ‘psychic-chemical-results’ which, in general, in the presence of every three-centered being, form those sacred being-data, which actualize in the common presences of the three-centered beings one of the three holy forces of the sacred being-Triamazikamno; and this holy force in beings always becomes affirming towards all the denying properties already present in them.