The Seminar Program

1 - The Ray of Creation

Contemporary science—objective science—The Ray of Creation—astronomical view—astronomical data—the Ray viewed from above—the Ray viewed from below—the mystical twist, as above so below— Christian/alchemist view—the mi-fa interval—the creation.

2 - The Octave

The law of seven—the intervals in the octave—the creative octave—the receptive or passive octave—the octave of the Work—octave mathematic—stopinders and deflections—musical octaves: the just scale and equally tempered scale.

3 - Atoms and Laws

The atom of modern science and the objective atom—the periodic table—substances and the Ray of Creation—points of stability—nested substances—Earth, Water, Air, Fire—obvious laws and not so obvious laws—the Trogoautegocrat

4 - The Law of Three

Events and processes—Law of Three, Triamazikamno—active, passive, neutralizing: Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen—simple examples, catalysts—cause and effect—substances impervious to change—the order of the forces—to make gold you need to have gold—Law of Three and the Law of Seven—The Holy Ghost, invisibility

5 - The Side Octave From The Sun

The lateral octave and the Ray of Creation—organic life, fa-sol-la—life as a conductor of planetary influence—composite life forms—Kurt Vonnegut’s yeast tale—feeding the Moon—our Ray is not the same as other Rays—the lateral octaves as a spectrum of life

6 - The Hydrogens

Law of Three and Ray of Creation—The numerical division of the octave: 1, 2, 4—three octaves within one—intervals as entry points—the derivation of the hydrogens, Law of Three revisited—reduced Hydrogen scale—examples of hydrogens—Halogens and the Periodic Table

7 - The Bodies of Man

The nature of time. The four bodies—physical, Kesdjan, Mental, Causal or divine—carriage, horse, driver, master or passenger—active/passive and the ascent—the bodies in the Ray of Creation—relative immortality—the bodies and their Hydrogens

8 - Hydrogens and Fire

Plasma or Fire, the fourth element—soil, liquid, gas, ions—everything is material—electromagnetic radiation—electricity—three states of plasma—plasma and the Ray of Creation—state changes—form in plasma—Birkeland currents—double layers—plasma in the Megalocosmos

9 - The Diagram of Everything Living

The Step Diagram itself—the lateral octave and the Step Diagram—atoms and laws—what it eats and is eaten by—Earth, Water, Air, Fire—life forms, everything is alive—organic life on Earth and the mi-fa interval—the planets and the Moon—composite beings—Essence and the body of Reason

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10 - Two Sciences

Newton’s thought experiments—the Big Bang nonsense—black hole fantasies—the flaws and weaknesses of contemporary science—the double-slit experiment and quantum mechanics—knowledge is material, and subject to law—the goal of objective science

11 - The Element Earth

The first three squares of the Step Diagram—kernel—a forge?—metals—minerals—the rock cycle—the Law of Falling—life underground, silicon life forms—no lives are slow, subjectively—igneous rock—iron and magnesium—the life processes of rock

12 - The Element Water

Minerals on the border of two worlds—waves, wind and rocks—soil—the water cycle—from silicon to carbon—plants and immobility—magnesium and iron, again—photosynthesis—invertebrates, exoskeletons—the transport of oxygen—the objective definition of a life form—border squares of the step diagram—Hydrogens

13 - The Element Air

The air cycle—compared to other planets—invertebrates on the border of two worlds—composite beings—evolution and the planets—evolution and the Trogoautoegocrat—vertebrates and the emotions—cold and warm blood—mass extinctions, and recoveries—man as a life form

14 - The Element Fire

The plasma cycle—the solar system and the Step Diagram—the planets and the endocrine glands—the speed of evolution—the ionic structure of ATP—the average Hydrogens of the life forms—the heavenly hierarchy—Eternal Unchanging and Sun Absolute—feeding in a different way

15 - Plasma Cosmology

The universe is electric—Birkeland currents—Z-pinch plasmoids—the compressed central cylinder, iron and magnesium—connecting galaxies—the solar system—the electric sun—Hertzsprung-Russell graph—the birth of stars and planets and moons—the SAFIRE project—the transmutation of elements

16 - Planets, Earth, Moon

The planets—Velikovsky—anodes and cathodes—the origin of the Moon—Moon craters—the electrical nature of the Earth—the magnetosphere and magnetotail—interplanetary plasma discharges—how the Moon is fed—death and Rascooarno—the growing Earth—continental drift—the size of land life

17 - Trogoautoegocrat

The Ray of Creation—consequential octaves—the mathematical necessity of the Trogoautoegocrat—cosmic units and substances—the Hydrogens perspective—the evolutionary evidence—as above, as everywhere—electricity, the great cathode and the great anodes—time and lifetimes

18 - A New Model of The Universe

The need for a new narrative—the Ray of Creation—materiality—Trogoautoegocrat—form in plasma—the creation of elements—organic life and the unimportance of humanity—Nature—the Step Diagram—ecosystem evolution—collective life forms—feeding the Moon—the possibility of failure—plasma beings

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