Seminar FAQs

What is the seminar schedule?

‘You can view the seminar schedule by clicking on this link. It takes you to the site’s Events Calendar. Initially, we have only scheduled 4 seminars. We will fill out more details after the first two seminars.


How many seminars will there be?

There are 18 seminars planned in this series. If the demand is high we will repeat the seminar series several times. We may also repeat to cater for different time zones. Those who live in times zones that are inconvenient with the current schedule or simply cannot attend on Thursday evenings, please let us know by providing details:  click here.

What if I miss a seminar?

Our intention is to run this seminar series several times. If you miss a session, notify us and you will be offered a place on the same seminar when we repeat it. 

Will the seminars be recorded?

We will do a video recording, just of the presentation and post it to YouTube. For the sake of privacy, we will do a sound-only recording of the Q&A. If we think it worthwhile, we will create an anonymized transcript of the dialogue at some future time, but we will not publish either the sound or video of the Q&A. We will post a video of the slides for each seminar on Youtube prior to the seminar for people to a look if they want to.

Do I need to have read the book?

It is not necessary. It is not necessary to be part of a Gurdjieff Group either. It is necessary to have read In Search of the Miraculous, but that’s all.

Can I get a copy of the book from you?

Yes. Seminar attendees are being offered copies of Gurdjieff’s Hydrogens at a discount to the retail price. If you are interested, click here.

Do the seminars cover all of In Search of the Miraculous?

This seminar series covers about half the content of that book. There is a second book on Gurdjieff’s Hydrogens in preparation, which will cover additional topics: death, the creation, the Enneagram, the Food Diagram, and more.