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Session 1: July 27th 2023 (@12.00pm CST)


The Trogoautoegocrat

Presenter: Robin Bloor

 Youtube Video

The Trogoautoegocratic Process, in which substances evolve and are involved within the Universe, is a direct consequence of the Creation. The Absolute created a Universe in which all living things, all cosmoses from the Universe itself down to Suns, Man, and microbes are subject to the same necessity to consume three foods, which are inevitably provided by other cosmoses, as residues or possibly by their death. Gurdjieff said that in the Work, knowledge of the universe and knowledge of the inner world need to proceed in parallel.

The intention of this presentation is to provide attendees with greater knowledge of what the Trogoautoegocratic process is – at the level of Man, At the level of Mankind, and at the level of Nature. This has implications on how we should think about biological evolution as well as spiritual evolution.

The presentation will proceed in three stages: the Presentation Itself, a Q&A conducted by the presenter, and finally an open discussion among all attendees. Sessions will be recorded, and transcripts of the Q&A and open discussion will be posted to the website for attendees to view at their leisure.

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