Issue #7 — September 2021

Sincerity is the key to self-knowledge and to be sincere with oneself brings great suffering. 

~ Gurdjieff

Control and Influence

(Part 3)

The Role of Fear

Take a moment now and recall the experience of feeling out of control … realizing you have no influence … recognizing that what will happen depends mostly on luck, that you have no personal control over what will occur … that you will just have to wait and see what fate brings to your doorstep. … Read more

What is Knowledge?

Perhaps the most prevalent area of inexactitude in science is in its use of mathematical modeling. Mathematics is not a science per se. It is a very useful related discipline that provides scientists and engineers with extremely useful tools—statistics being just one of them. Nevertheless, it needs to be understood at the outset that mathematics does not and cannot prove anything in relation to reality. Read more…

The Tales and Background Research

Where our knowledge is lacking, in respect of the real world activity Beelzebub mentions, we need to educate ourselves. Beelzebub speaks of ancient civilizations, including Babylon and Egypt, where there is a partial historical record. He covers Greece and Rome, where the historical record is fairly rich. He covers 20th century Russia, France, Germany, Britain and America …  Read more…

The Straying Camel

Buddha’s 4 Noble Truths

Lee Lozowick, a teacher of Red Hawk’s said the following about Work on oneself.

“Transformation is not a masculine process.

The ‘Work’ is not a masculine process.

Practice, Sadhana, Surrender to the Will of God are not masculine processes.” …  Read more…