From The Brothers Karamazov [An excerpt]

"How can you presume to do such deeds?" the monk asked suddenly, pointing solemnly and significantly at Lise. He was referring to her "healing." "It's too early, of course, to speak of that. Relief is not complete cure, and may proceed from different causes. But if there has been any healing, it is by no power but God's will. It's all from God. Visit me, Father," he added to the monk. "It's not often I can see...

The Camel Seeker

You have lost a she-camel: she has fled from your herd into a veil of concealment. The caravaneers have begun to load, but your camel is lost and has disappeared from the midst of the caravan. You are running to and fro with parched lips; the caravan is now far away and the night is near. Your baggage is left on the ground, lying on the road of peril, whilst you are running about in search of the camel.