The Apes—Points To Ponder

Contemporary science has no unity

We might believe that the body of scientific thought constitutes a unity, allowing perhaps for the reality that this body of thought is gradually evolving. However, it has no unity; it is a consensus reflecting the opinion of those highest in the scientific hierarchy. You can see this. You might think otherwise, if you peruse Wikipedia, which is a large conscientiously maintained scientific information source. However, if you choose any particular theory at random and google the topic, you will usually discover opposing theories and dissenting opinion. Wikipedia has evolved into the “official” mouthpiece of science.

There is no individual in any scientific field who is the acknowledged “master.” Even in fields where one individual’s work and opinions are dominant for a while, it is unlikely that he or she is conversant with all hypotheses and experimental results in their own field. And their expertise beyond their own field is likely to be thin or non-existent.

Even if we assume that such atypical individuals have achieved genuine knowledge in their field, it is not our knowledge. We, who have never delved deeply into their scientific domain, can only accept their theories and proclamations “on faith.” And unless there is evidence to the contrary, it will be prudent to assume that they are normal human beings endowed with the usual failings. It would not be prudent to assume that they know anything “for certain.”
“Scientific truth” is and will forever be the aggregation of many ‘I’s.