The Introduction — p3 notes

Terminology and Typography

The terminological and typographical standard we have applies is as follows:

  • When discussing the Ray of Creation we capitalize the first letter of the name of the note as follows: Absolute, Sun Absolute or All Worlds, All Suns or Milky Way, Sun, Planets, Earth, Moon.
  • When referring to the four elements, Earth, Water, Air and Fire, We use italic bold  in the following way: Earth, Water, Air, Fire.
  • When describing substances as types of Hydrogen, Carbon, Oxygen and Nitrogen, we italicize and capitalize as follows: Hydrogen, Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen.
  • When writing about the various squares in the Step Diagram, we also italicize and capitalize as follows: Kernel, Metals, Minerals, Plants, Invertebrates, Vertebrates, Man, Angels, Archangels, Eternal Unchanging, Sun Absolute.
  • When referring to the notes of a specific octave, do, re, me, fa, sol, la and si, we print them bolder and italicized as follows: do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si. We treat octave intervals in the same way: mi-fa, si-do.

Standard typography is used for all other words.