Why “Men” Are Not Men

“Had it not been for this strange peculiarity of theirs, it would never have entered anybody’s head that there was anything ‘queer’ on that planet.

“During the period to which the aforesaid refers, I visited most of the planets of that solar system, the populated and the as yet unpopulated.

“Personally I liked best of all the three-centered beings breeding on the planet bearing the name Saturn, whose exterior is quite unlike ours, but resembles that of the being-bird raven.

“It is interesting, by the way, to remark that for some reason or other, the form of being-bird raven breeds not only on almost all the planets of this solar system, but also on most of those other planets of the whole of our great Universe upon which beings of various brain systems arise and are coated with planetary bodies of different

“The verbal intercourse of these beings, ravens, of that planet Saturn is something like ours.

“But in regard to their utterance, it is in my opinion the most beautiful of any I have ever heard.

“It can be compared to the singing of our best singers when with all their Being they sing in a minor key.

“And as for their relations with others, they—I don’t even know how to describe them—can be known only by existing among them and by experiencing them oneself.

“All that can be said is that these bird-beings have hearts exactly like those of the angels nearest our ENDLESS MAKER AND CREATOR.