Why “Men” Are Not Men


Why “Men” Are Not Men

BEELZEBUB sighed deeply and continued to speak as follows: 

“After the actualizing on this planet of the ‘Ilnosoparnian’ process, one year, by objective time-calculation, passed.

“During this period there had gradually been coordinated on this planet also the corresponding processes for the involution and evolution of everything arising there.

“And of course there began gradually to be crystallized in the three-brained beings there the corresponding data for the acquisition of objective Reason.

“In short, on this planet also everything had then already begun to proceed in the usual normal order.

“And therefore, my boy, if the Most High Commission under the supreme direction of the same Archangel Sakaki had not, at the end of a year, gone there again, perhaps all the subsequent misunderstandings connected with the three-brained beings arising on that ill-fated planet might not have occurred.

“This second descent of the Most High Commission to that planet was due to the fact that in spite of the measures they had taken, of which I have told you, there had not yet crystallized in the Reasons of the majority of its sacred members a complete assurance of the impossibility of any undesirable surprise in the future, and they now wished to verify on the spot the results of those measures.

“It was just during this second descent that the Most High Commission decided in any event, if only for the sake of their own reassurance, to actualize certain further special measures, among which was also that measure, the consequences of which have not only gradually turned into a stupendous terror for the three-brained beings themselves who arise on this ill-fated planet, but have even become, so to say, a malignant sore for the whole of the great Universe.