The Cause of the Genesis of the Moon

“As for the beings there now, not only have they no name at all for this smaller fragment, but they do not even suspect its existence.

“It is interesting to notice here that the beings of a continent on that planet called ‘Atlantis,’ which afterwards perished, still knew of this second fragment of their planet and also called it ‘Anulios,’ but the beings of the last period of the same continent, in whom the results of the consequences of the properties of that organ called ‘Kundabuffer’—about which, it now seems, I shall have to explain to you even in great detail—had begun to be crystallized and to become part of their common presences, called it also ‘Kimespai,’ the meaning of which for them was ‘Never-Allowing-One-to-Sleep-in-Peace.’

“Contemporary three-brained beings of this peculiar planet do not know of this former fragment of their planet, chiefly because its comparatively small size and the remoteness of the place of its movement make it quite invisible to their sight, and also because no ‘grandmother’ ever told them that once upon a time any such little satellite of their planet was known.

“And if any of them should by chance see it through their good, but nevertheless child’s toy of theirs called a telescope, he would pay no attention to it, mistaking it simply for a big aerolite.

“The contemporary beings will probably never see it again, since it has become quite proper to their nature to see only unreality.

“Let us give them their due; during recent centuries they have really most artistically mechanized themselves to see nothing real.