The Cause of the Genesis of the Moon

“And just this very comet, although it was then already concentrated, was actualizing its ‘full path’ for only the first time.

“As certain competent Sacred Individuals also later confidentially explained to us, the line of the path of the said comet had to cross the line on which the path of that planet Earth also lay; but as a result of the erroneous calculations of a certain Sacred Individual concerned with the matters of World-creation and World-maintenance, the time of the passing of each of these concentrations through the point of intersection of the lines of their paths coincided, and owing to this error the planet Earth and the comet ‘Kondoor’ collided, and collided so violently that from this shock, as I have already told you, two large fragments were broken off from the planet Earth and flew into space.

“This shock entailed these serious consequences because on account of the recent arising of this planet, the atmosphere which might have served as a buffer in such a case had not yet had time to be completely formed upon it.

And, my boy, our ENDLESSNESS was also immediately informed of this general cosmic misfortune.

“In consequence of this report, a whole commission consisting of Angels and Archangels, specialists in the work of World-creation and World-maintenance, under the direction of the Most Great Archangel Sakaki, was immediately sent from the Most Holy Sun Absolute to that solar system ‘Ors.’

“The Most High Commission came to our planet Mars since it was the nearest to the planet Earth and from this planet of ours began its investigations.

“The sacred members of this Most High Commission at once quieted us by saying that the apprehended danger
of a catastrophe on a great cosmic scale had already passed.